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Discover advanced cybersecurity services and solutions

IT SEC offers a full range of managed, monitored and offensive security solutions to protect your online business from hackers and malicious threat actors. Here are some of the most popular:
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Advanced Blockchain Security

Secure your Blockchain platform at any stage Coding, Planning, or Operational.
Fintech Security icon

Fintech Security

Adopt an effective and cost efficient solution for a highly secure and compliant Fintech platform.
Exchange Security icon

Exchange Security

Protect your Crypto Exchanges and Trading Platforms from falling victim to breaches and hacks.
DDoS Attack Simulation icon

DDoS Attack Simulation

DDoS attack simulations under our expertise, carried out by experienced cyber security experts.
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Remote Work Force Security

Secure your remote workforce and distributed teams by adopting the best security practices.
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Ransomware Simulation

Test your cyber security measures and defense against real ransomware simulation attacks.
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Cyber Security Solutions

Regardless of industry or number of employees, our flexible security solutions are ready to launch to protect your business today.

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Cyber Security Services

Strengthen your teams, build robust security posture and ensure top-level protection by adopting our complete, high quality security services.

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Cyber Security Platform

Get cyber security protection and support by choosing among our monthly or annual plans, well customized for starters, teams or organisations.

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The four steps to improve your online security

If you dont know where to start here its our recommended approach to begin testing, preventing and securing your online business from digital threats. You can also contact us to plan a customized cyber security journey.

Assessing your attack surface to discover any urgent and critical threats. Done by preliminary pentesting and security research.


Correction of any vulnerabilities found and improving general security to prevent and prepare for possible cyber attacks.


Comprehensive penetration testing of the whole network including web, mobile, api applications and devices. Cyber threat simulation including ransomware, ddos, phishing and more.


Constant threat monitoring and defined detection and response strategy. Periodic security testing with detailed reports and managed security by experts.

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Endpoints Secured
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Applications Secured
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Ransomware Attacks Prevented

What People Say About Us

IT SEC has been extremely helpful even beyond what was agreed. They are efficient and always try to find “solutions that fit our needs.
- Investment Firm -
IT SEC has worked on one of my high profile project in Dubai. IT SEC team helped the project to become one of the most successful of its kind, needless to mention their customer support which is highly appreciated. I can confidently recommend IT SEC as a solid and reliable supplier and one of the leading expert in this field.
- Multinational Utility Company -
IT SEC has been providing cybersecurity and IT Security Training in UAE since 2011. I was in the first-ever batch in the UAE who have received the training through this pioneering company. We will stay secure with IT SEC.
- Cloud Computing Services -
IT SEC team is an all-around expert in network security. They have done a great job with Project Management and with other IT Security business. I'm so lucky to be able to work with them.
- Information Security Consultancy -

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