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ITSEC cybersecurity solutions address challenges in your company's security environment and assist in identify and detect vulnerabilities to prevent and correct cybersecurity breaches and incidents.

ITSEC Cyber Security Solutions

Solutions We Offer

Cybersecurity solutions that IT SEC offers ensure a long - term success for your organization as they are a product of a long experience in the security field, real - life scenarios and cases, continuous efforts to be up-to-date with latest security developments and a lot of work from our team which bring high expertise and value to each solution that IT SEC as security solutions provider offers.

IT SEC's security solutions are ideal for organizations which have no dedicated security staff or limited security expertise and cover the following areas:

ITSEC Crypto Exchange
Advanced Endpoint Protection
ITSEC Zero Trust
Remote Work Protection & Zero Trust
ITSEC Cloud Security
Cloud Security Services for Azure, AWS
ITSEC Identity & Access Management
Identity & Access Management
ITSEC Endpoint & Remote Workforce Protection
Crypto Exchange & Blockchain Security
ITSEC DDoS & Ransomware Simulation
DDoS & Ransomware Simulation

Types of Solutions We Offer

ITSEC Crypto Exchange Security

Crypto Exchange Security

When working with Crypto Exchange and transactions online users are exposed to numerous breach attempts. Security attacks to these exchanges are occurring more regularly and most platforms offering these transactions are centralized, making those same vulnerable as any other online platform. Securing the Crypto Exchange is a continuous process covering several security elements and challenges and with this security solution we provide:

ITSEC Application Security Evaluation

Application security evaluation, reports on detected vulnerabilities and remedies.

ITSEC Equal protection components

Equal protection of front-end and back-end components.

ITSEC Mitigation of future cyber attacks

Mitigation of future cyber attacks by implementing best security practices

ITSEC Enterprise Blockchain Security

Enterprise Blockchain Security

As any other platform the blockchain ones are hackable and can also be attacked. Disruption to an enterprise blockchain can result in substantial damage for business and its customers. IT SEC’s Enterprise Blockchain security service guarantees protection of your enterprise blockchain using a high level of expertise and long experience in the field.

ITSEC Security analysis

Security analysis of the blockchain platforms as a whole.

ITSEC Security audit

Analytical and detailed report based on security audit results.

ITSEC Infrastructure security holes

Recommendations on how to fix the blockchain infrastructure security holes.

ITSEC Zero Trust

Zero Trust

Zero Trust model adapts effectively to the complexity of modern work environments, regardless of whether they are remote or not. This IT security model puts in place strict identity verification for every entity within or outside of security perimeter trying to access the internal infrastructure of your organization. Adapting Zero Trust as a Service will enable:

ITSEC Infrastructure components

Least privilege access to users, minimizing this way user’s exposure to sensitive infrastructure components.

ITSEC Infrastructure segmentation

Separate access rights and authorizations as per needs of different parts of infrastructure segmentation.

ITSEC User authentication

Multi-factor authentication on user authentication and device access.

ITSEC Identity & Access Management

Identity & Access Management

IAM refers to the process, procedures and policies that an organization must undertake in order to ensure proper control of user access rights within the limits of the organization. With our Identity and Access Management solution, your IT professionals will always be in control of whether users are who they say they are (authentication) and that these users do only access the assets they have permission to use (authorization) by different means of authentication methods.

ITSEC Access privileges management

User roles and access privileges management.

ITSEC Information protection

Sensitive information protection.

ITSEC Reduced risk of security attacks

Reduced risk of internal and external security attacks.

ITSEC Cloud Security

Cloud Security

Cloud technology has enabled the delivery of computing services and infrastructure over the Internet, avoiding this way the costs and complexity of managing IT infrastructure within the organization. There are a lot of benefits associated with moving to cloud, but this switch involves no less security risks than an on-premise storage and management of assets. Securing cloud environment by a series of customized security policies, controls, procedures and technologies helps in reducing security risks that your assets are exposed to while residing in cloud.

ITSEC Minimal exposure and security gaps

Minimal exposure and security gaps in your cloud environment.

ITSEC Cloud assets and configuration

More visibility into your cloud assets and configuration settings.

ITSEC Control you infrastructure

Consistent security policies and controls across your entire infrastructure.

ITSEC Endpoint & Remote Workforce Security

Endpoint & Remote Workforce Security

In a traditional on-premises workplace, the internal IT specialists have control over infrastructure security and the devices used to access this internal environment. With remote workforce and distributed teams growing rapidly, monitoring the network and protecting the assets faces many challenges. In a day-to-day basis organization must deal with vulnerable employee endpoint devices, account acquisition attacks and data passing over not secure networks. Adapting a remote workforce security solution will mitigate the previously mentioned risks by:

ITSEC Secure remote access

Providing highly secure remote access from any used device.

ITSEC Safe internet browsing

Safe internet browsing by enforcing security policies.

ITSEC Security awareness

Boosting security awareness among employee’s mindsets.

ITSEC DDoS & Ransomware Simulations

DDoS & Ransomware Simulations

The impact of a DDoS or Ransomware attack in an organization can escalate to paralyzing all business’s operations and significant losses in revenues. To mitigate the likelihood of these attacks’ occurrence, solution lies in real simulations of these attacks. Our services cover all main components that build an ideal attack real-life scenario and advanced techniques that can develop security reports. Performing IT SEC’s DDoS & Ransomware simulation solutions will:

ITSEC Prevent security & breaches attacks

Prevent costly security attacks & breaches.

ITSEC Protect against threats

Protect against threats through a proactive and offensive simulation.

ITSEC Respond to future attacks

Prepare your organization to respond to future attacks in a safe environment.

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