Remote Workforce Protection

Create a secure remote workplace by adopting the best practices for securing the remote workforce and the distributed teams.


Remote Workforce Security

As workforce moves from a secure trusted enterprise environment to working from home, security gaps and risks increase, making it more challenging the sensitive data protection. Because employees are working in home offices they are relying on their own devices and network to access company data.

By implementing remote workforce security, your security policies and measures go everywhere your employees go.

ITSEC Remote Workforce Security
ITSEC Identity and access management
Implementation of identity and access management (IAM) technologies.
ITSEC Secure web gateway
Secure web gateway between employees and the untrusted network.
ITSEC Secure access
Secure access to cloud-based assets.
ITSEC Company data protection
Full employees and company data protection without impacting efficiency.
ITSEC Multifactor Authentication
Multifactor Authentication for even stronger security.
ITSEC Secure communication and collaboration
Secure communication and collaboration between staff.

Remote Workforce Security

In a traditional on-premises workplace, the internal IT specialists have control over infrastructure security and the devices used to access this internal environment. With remote workforce and distributed teams growing rapidly, monitoring the network and protecting the assets faces many challenges. In a day-to-day basis organization must deal with vulnerable employee endpoint devices, account acquisition attacks and data passing over not secure networks. Adapting a remote workforce security solution will mitigate the previously mentioned risks by:

ITSEC Providing highly secure remote access
Providing highly secure remote access from any used device.
ITSEC Safe internet browsing by enforcing security policies
Safe internet browsing by enforcing security policies.
ITSEC Boosting security awareness among employee’s mindsets.
Boosting security awareness among employee’s mindsets.

Keep Your Remote Team Secure

An adaptive and powerful protection for your Remote Team