Cybersecurity Awareness & Phishing Simulation

Over 90% of security incidents are caused by a lack of staff awareness.
Assess and understand your human cyber risk factor within your organization,
mitigate the risk using actionable and precious reports and secure your business
and meet compliance.


What is Security Awareness?

Cyber security attacks have become more frequent than before considering the shift of work to working from home. Employee’s negligence or mistakes have been responsible for some of the biggest data breaches in history. Therefore, companies must prioritize security education and training of the employees in order to improve their security awareness.

Employees are the weakest link but could also be your best defense with the right security awareness program in place.

ITSEC Security Awareness
ITSEC Cyber security specialists

Specialized presentations to staff by cyber security specialists.

ITSEC Human errors and negligence

Mitigation of human errors and negligence.

ITSEC Company security posture

Improvement in the company security posture.

ITSEC Highly engaging training

Highly engaging training modules on a continuous basis.

ITSEC Best practices and tactics

Best practices and tactics for the cyber security awareness training.

ITSEC Social Engineering & Phishing simulation

Social Engineering & Phishing simulation attacks.


Types of Security Awareness

Educating staff on cyber security importance and prioritizing the improvement of security awareness is important because if employees cannot recognize what a security threat is and its significance in business continuity then it cannot be expected that they to be able to avoid or report it. Security awareness training combines communication and education in order to instill good security practices. For a better understanding and experience during training, IT SEC provides different types of security awareness training:

ITSEC Classroom training led by cyber security specialists
Classroom training led by cyber security specialists.
ITSEC Phishing / social engineering simulated attacks
Phishing / social engineering simulated attacks.
ITSEC Computer based / online security training
Computer based / online security training.

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