Web Application Security

IT SEC is an industry leader in Web Application Security Assessment and Testing. our HyperSecure methodology secures the Fortune 500 Web Applications around the globe.


What is Web Application Security?

Web Application or WebApp represent an organization’s connection to the cloud and its customers, partners and suppliers. In many cases, WebApps represent the most valuable and critical assets within an organization as the web application drive customer awareness, revenue and sales activity. Unfortunately, Web Applications also represent one of the most attractive targets for threat actors and are responsible for a majority of reported security breaches today.

Web application security assessment is crucial to protecting your both your apps and your organization. Your web applications are likely to be the #1 attack vector for malicious entities seeking to breach your security defenses. Available to users 24/7, web apps are the easiest target for hackers getting access to confidential back-end data.

ITSEC Web Application Security
ITSEC Mobile Application

Make your web app compliant: we’ll ensure your web app meets the latest regulatory requirements

ITSEC Traffic Analysis

Lower headcount costs: we’re here to support as an extension of your web app team

ITSEC Regulatory Analysis

Detect security hazards: our experts carefully test your web apps for security risks

ITSEC Server-Side Analysis

SQL Injection: Prevent Database Injection attacks by protecting application logic


Benefits of Web Application Security Testing

Web Application Security Testing & Assessment gives you the assurance needed that your WebApp is tested and proved to be secure. Leveraging our deep knowledge of the Tactics, Techniques & Procedures (TTP) threat actors use, our security consultants go above and beyond the OWASP Top 10 to assess and test the state of your web-facing applications, and provide actionable recommendations to enhance their security.

We have developed a proprietary Hybrid WebApp Testing which identifies vulnerabilities while testing the logic. While we manually verify every automated scan results, we exhaustively test the business logic of every application.

ITSEC Business Impacts

Identification of Business Impact and Security Impacts

ITSEC Detailed evidence video

Detailed evidence video and screenshots of the discovered vulnerabilities

ITSEC identification of weakness

Identification of specific weakness in code and their risk factors

ITSEC Online security seal

SecureWebApp Certification & Online Security Seal

ITSEC Detailed reporting

Detailed reporting on discovered vulnerabilities, impact, solution, evidence and reference

ITSEC Secure Web Application

Secure Web Application Design

ITSEC Web Application Penetration

Web Application Penetration Testing

ITSEC Web Application Static & Dynamic

Web Application Static & Dynamic Testing

ITSEC Secure Web Application

Secure Web Application Development

ITSEC Web Application Security

Web Application Security Audit

ITSEC Web Application Deployments

Secure Web Application Deployments

See It In Action

Get an actual look at how attackers could exploit your vulnerabilities – and guidance on how to stop them. See how our vulnerability assessment solutions can help your organization with a customized demo.

Step 1

Data Security

Mitigate the risk of data loss through vulnerabilities, malware, hacking or abuse by ensuring that the data on your users’ devices is being actively secured.

Step 2

Device Protection

Specify only authentic devices you will allow, detect jail broken devices that might create threats and remote lock devices to prevent misuse.

Step 3

App Security

This feature will allow you to blacklist or whitelist apps, separate and monitor only official apps on BYODs and analyze all information on apps installed on devices

Step 4

Corporate Network Access Defense

This feature will allow you to blacklist or whitelist apps, separate and monitor only official apps on BYODs and analyze all information on apps installed on devices

Step 5

Secure Email Access

Managing emails simultaneously on iOS, Android and Windows platforms and providing platform containerization of corporate data