Penetration Testing Services

Prevent your organization from potential security attacks by performing penetration testing and discovering exploitable vulnerabilities of your infrastructure.


What is Penetration Testing?

Penetration testing intends to find the security problems in your infrastructure which could any moment be exploited by cyber attackers. During the testing process the ethical hackers will behave as real hackers and will attempt to make authorized violations to integrity and security of your IT environment. Penetration testing process is carried out by IT SEC's experienced experts and brings the following benefits:

ITSEC Penetration Testing
ITSEC Vulnerabilities

Discover exploitable vulnerabilities in your infrastructure.

ITSEC Security defense

Real life assessment of your security defense.

ITSEC Industry regulations

Ensures compliance with industry regulations / standards.

ITSEC Penetration testing

Profit from a wide range of penetration testing types.

ITSEC Security breach

Avoid costs of infrastructure downtime / recovering from a security breach.

ITSEC Reputational damage

Preserve company from reputational damage / loss of customers.

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Types of Penetration Testing

ITSEC Web Application Security

Web Application Security

The primary goal of Web application penetration testing is to find flaws in web applications by performing internal / external simulated attacks and finding out the probability of a hacker to steal sensitive data.

ITSEC authentication and access controls

Get full insights of vulnerabilities in the code and at every stage of software development life cycle.

ITSEC authentication and access controls

Improve authentication and access controls.

ITSEC web application software

Keep sensitive data within web application secure.

ITSEC Mobile Security

Mobile Security

Mobile devices and applications have changed the way that we perform tasks and communicate in our daily life. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that these devices are protected from potential cyber-attacks and data loss.

ITSEC mobile device security

Assess mobile device and applications security vulnerabilities.

ITSEC flaws cause data loss and exploitation

Identification of flaws that could cause data loss in case of exploitation.

ITSEC flaws cause data loss and exploitation

Validation of secure design principle's implementation.

ITSEC Application & API  Security

API Security

Application’s APIs are a vital part of modern application development so securing those APIs becomes crucial. Application and API security testing ensures that necessary security requirements have been implemented.

ITSEC API vulnerabilities

Identification of Application and API vulnerabilities.

ITSEC protected against cyber attacks

Guarantee that your application is protected against cyber security attacks.

ITSEC security testing for SDLC

Gain application security testing for entire SDLC.

ITSEC Wireless Security

Wireless Security

Due to wireless nature, there are a lot of risks and vulnerabilities involved with its usage. Not only company devices are at risk of being attacked from malicious hackers but also IoT / home devices because of rise of working from home.  Wireless Security penetration testing means identification of all connections between Wi-Fi connected devices and examination of their security / exploitable vulnerabilities. During wireless penetration, ethical hackers attempt to break passwords, gain unauthorized access and capture data.

ITSEC wireless security risk

Identify wireless security risks before they are exploited and avoid data leakage.

ITSEC reduced security attacks

Reduce security attacks by auditing and identifying wireless exploitable vulnerabilities

ITSEC prevent unauthorized use of wireless network

Prevent unauthorized use of your wireless network and harden access route to your internal network.

ITSEC Network Infrastructure

Network Infrastructure

Network vulnerabilities are one of the most exploited and targeted attack vectors since this type of breach could grant access to whole company network compromise. Through Network infrastructure penetration testing conduction, your organization will gain knowledge on underlying security vulnerabilities in the network components and the ability to handle such attacks.

ITSEC network security

Gain a detailed overview on your network infrastructure security posture.

ITSEC protect from security breaches

Vulnerability detection and further remediation to protect from security breaches.

ITSEC coverage of network components

Full coverage of the external and internal network components

ITSEC Cloud Security Testing

Cloud Security Testing

Many organizations believe that moving to cloud will eliminate security risks and attacks. In fact, moving your systems in cloud is associated with a lot of new security challenges and cloud security testing finds vulnerabilities or possible security misconfigurations in these cloud systems. The security evaluation of the cloud infrastructure and systems is carried out through simulated cyber-attacks from experienced security specialists under IT SEC’s expertise.

ITSEC validate security environment

Validate security of your entire cloud deployment and environment.

ITSEC full visibility of security holes

Gain full visibility of the security holes in your cloud infrastructure.

ITSEC validate security integrations

Validate security of integrations with internal / third parties

ITSEC Blockchain Security Testing

Blockchain Security Testing

The advantage of trusting your transactions to a blockchain lies on the fact that these transactions will be secure and transparent. However, as any other system blockchain ones are hackable and attackable. To identify the security vulnerabilities associated to a blockchain security, blockchain security testing must be performed.

ITSEC blockchain technology system

Discover security vulnerabilities of your blockchain technology / system.

ITSEC Analytical detailed report and audit

Analytical and detailed report based on security audit results.

ITSEC How to fix blockchain security holes

Recommendations on how to fix the blockchain infrastructure security holes.

ITSEC Social Engineering

Social Engineering

Human factor poses the weakest link in the security of the organization. Human errors, neglect and lack of security education have led to some of the biggest cyber security attacks in history. Therefore, it is important to build security awareness and educate employees on importance of security and its costs in case of security breaches. Under our expertise IT SEC’s experts will perform social engineering campaigns in order to measure and enhance cyber security awareness among your staff.

ITSEC Phishing / spear phishing email simulation.

Phishing / spear phishing email simulation.

ITSEC phone calls security

Email / phone calls with purpose of gaining sensitive information.

ITSEC simulated security attacks

Drive – by – download simulated security attacks.

Discover if you are Cyber Secure

Measure your security controls and uncover potential security threats