Identity & Access Management

Optimized management of identities and user access rights by using the latest technologies to take the risk out of enterprise Identity & Access management.


What is Identity & Access Management?

Have you ever been concerned about protecting your assets and keeping the sensitive information of your organization safe? Our Identity and Access Management solution is the best and most efficient choice, at the best cost to achieve that protection. IAM refers to the process, procedures and policies that an organization must undertake in order to ensure proper control of user access rights within the limits of the organization.

Simply put, Identity and Access Management practices include identification, authentication and authorization of the individuals within the organization through matching the user access rights with identities that are associated with these individuals.

ITSEC Identity & Access Management
ITSEC User roles and access
User roles and access privileges management
ITSEC Access control and management
Access control and management to your organization assets
ITSEC Automation of the time-consuming
Automation of the time-consuming, costly tasks
ITSEC Enhanced IT security
Enhanced IT security
ITSEC Sensitive information protection
Sensitive information protection
ITSEC Reduced security attacks
Reduced risk of internal and external security attacks

Identity & Access Management Solutions

The main goal of this solution and the reason behind their design is the achievement of user identification, authentication and authorization. This means that only authorized users will be provided access to the organization's assets, as per their user rights. There are three main components in our IAM solution:

The users’ database – a highly secured and protected database by the best encryption algorithms and security practices. In this database, the information regarding users will be preserved, such as their identity information and their belonging user groups/access rights.

Our IAM tools – our solution will provide certain tools which will further enable the creation/modification/deletion of various user privileges and their monitoring.

Auditing system – every login session and access history will be audited and logged, in order to respond to every incident in time.

With our Identity and Access Management solution, your IT professionals will always be in control of whether users are who they say they are (authentication) and that these users do only access the assets they have permission to use (authorization) by different means of authentication methods.

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