Enterprise Blockchain Security

A comprehensive cyber protection service to reduce risks of cyber-attacks on blockchain infrastructure and applications of your enterprise.


What is Enterprise Blockchain Security?

Blockchain technology or Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) ensures trusted transactions by implementing principles of decentralization, cryptography and transparency. Given its superior ability to secure data and its distributed nature which makes data corruption hard, blockchain technology has drawn a lot of attention.

However, as any other platform the blockchain ones are hackable and can also be attacked. Disruption to an enterprise blockchain can result in substantial damage for business and its customers. IT SEC’s Enterprise Blockchain security service guarantees protection of your enterprise blockchain using a high level of expertise and long experience in the field.

ITSEC Enterprise Blockchain Security
ITSEC In-depth security analysis
In-depth security analysis to individual ledgers, identities and transactions
ITSEC Security audit
Security audit of Smart Contracts and Chain Code
ITSEC Security Assessment
Security Assessment of Blockchain Applications
ITSEC Enforcement of Business Controls
Enforcement of Business Controls for Blockchain
ITSEC Detection of Fake Transactions
Detection of Fake Transactions and Identify Threats
ITSEC Protection of Smart Contracts
Protection of Smart Contracts and Tokenized Assets

Enterprise Blockchain Security Solutions

While blockchain technology produces tamper-proof transactions, the blockchain networks and platforms are not invulnerable to security attacks and fraud. Cyber attackers can make use of known vulnerabilities in surrounding software code and of risk associated with blockchain infrastructure and applications. With our Enterprise Blockchain Security service, we provide:

ITSEC Security analysis
Security analysis of the blockchain platforms as a whole.
ITSEC Security audit results
Analytical and detailed report based on security audit results.
ITSEC Consistent security
Recommendations on how to fix the blockchain infrastructure security holes.

Protect YourBlockchain Technology

Take the step to ensure the security of your blockchain design and infrastructure.