Cloud Security

Protect your cloud infrastructure, data and other digital assets on Azure or AWS from the constantly evolving threats with customized security controls and policies as per your infrastructure needs.


What is Cloud Security?

Cloud technology has enabled the delivery of computing services and infrastructure over the Internet, avoiding this way the costs and complexity of managing IT infrastructure within the organization. There are a lot of benefits associated with moving to cloud, but this switch involves no less security risks than an on-premise storage and management of assets.

Securing cloud environment by a series of customized security policies, controls, procedures and technologies helps in reducing security risks that your assets are exposed to while residing in cloud.

ITSEC Cloud Security
ITSEC Enhance protection

Enhance protection of your digital assets

ITSEC Full visibility

Full visibility and control into your cloud infrastructure

ITSEC End-to-end encryption

End-to-end encryption of all uploaded data to the cloud

ITSEC Centralized cloud security

Centralized cloud security protection

ITSEC Proper configuration

Proper configuration of security settings for cloud assets

ITSEC Unauthorized access

Protection against unauthorized access or data leaks


Cloud Security Solutions

Cloud infrastructure has become a vital part of both individuals and business operations nowadays but it has also introduced new challenges in maintaining a secure status. Although cloud computing solutions can be secure, that does not change the fact that organizations need to have full confidence that their digital assets are protected from corruption, manipulation, disruption or threats.

IT SEC’s cloud security solution ensures mitigation of such risks to your cloud environment whether it is public, private or hybrid by covering the whole cloud computing “stack”: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS). With a cloud security solution in place, you will establish:

ITSEC Minimal exposure

Minimal exposure and security gaps in your cloud environment.

ITSEC More visibility

More visibility into your cloud assets and configuration settings.

ITSEC Consistent security

Consistent security policies and controls across your entire infrastructure.

Secure YourCloud Infrastructure

An adaptive and powerful protection for Crypto Exchanges and Trading Platforms.