Advisory Services

Create an effective security strategy and posture in your organization with hands-on advice from our experienced security specialists to continue operating securely.


Cyber Advisory Services

The world of cyber security is constantly evolving and so do the cyber threats and security breaches. A cyber security advisory service can help your organization to stay ahead of the latest threats by providing you with insights, advice and guidance that fit your organization. IT SEC’s cyber advisory service is based on a long successful experience in security landscape and expertise gained throughout years of serving as cyber advisors.

With our assistance the information security planning, governance, compliance and risk management become an easy mission. To further ensure the effectiveness of defense and security policies in place, we provide security training for your staff from our experienced security specialists.

ITSEC Cyber Advisory Services
ITSEC Security risk assessment

Security risk assessment and risk management plan development.

ITSEC Security planning

Security planning and defense policies development.

ITSEC Advanced security tools

Advanced security tools to address complex security issues and risk management.

ITSEC Overall security

Overall security posture and strategy Improvement.

ITSEC Validation

Validation of your organizational security policies, controls and procedures.


Cyber Advisory

ITSEC Governance, Risk and Compliance

Governance, Risk and Compliance

Meeting governance, risk and compliance standards nowadays as new regulations are introduced, poses great challenges to organizations. In order to keep up with these challenges, objective and professionalism is required. IT SEC’s advisory service on governance, risk and compliance ensures:

ITSEC GRC risk management

Improvement of GRC effectiveness through proper people-technology utilization and risk management.

ITSEC GRC protect

Alignment of GRC activities to protect your organization from being subject to potential penalties.

ITSEC risk and compliance

Full range of governance, risk and compliance capabilities through all sectors.

ITSEC Security Architecture Review

Security Architecture Review

Organizations often meet with systematic security issues in their infrastructure which are related to the security architecture. On the other hand, a well-designed security architecture provides business-to-security adaptation and alignment. To address the potential security issues, IT SEC offers its expertise to review your organization’s security architecture and provides:

ITSEC Security architecture

Evaluation of the current security architecture and its security capabilities.

ITSEC performs architecture assessment

Assessment of how the security architecture performs compared to your industry specific requirements.

ITSEC fix security gaps

Recommendations on how to fix security gaps of your architecture.

ITSEC C Level / Board Security Advisory

C Level / Board Security Advisory

Cybersecurity does not only belong to IT department but it is strongly connected to C – Level / Executive board since a good security strategy is the one which also aligns with corporate objectives. With our expertise in C Level / Board Security Advisory we contribute in helping the c-level / board to ask the right questions before deciding on a security solution or partnering with a security provider.

ITSEC align security strategies

Align security strategies with business ones.

ITSEC Implementing right security solutions

Understand the risks / consequences of not implementing the right security solutions.

ITSEC Security strategies

Create a top-down approach for security strategies implementation.

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