IT Security

With multiple reports over the last couple of months on large corporations continually coming under attack from dangerous IT security threats, IT SEC issued guidelines on how to maintain an organizations digital security. Managing director, Amir .A Kolahzadeh addressed these issues and offered some helpful guidelines on how to combat these eminent attacks.

“In a day and age where the nature of cyber threats have become more sophisticated, we have to acknowledge the fact that our online systems are vulnerable to these attacks and go about seeking the best solutions to protect them.”

Kolahzadeh stated that a simple way to make sure your website and online systems are secure is to implement a SSL security certificate on your website. The Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a commonly-used protocol for managing the security of a message transmission on the Internet. The certificate encrypts any data transfer between parties thus securing an organizations intel and communications.

“Other more basic ways to protect your online systems from an eminent attack would be to set up secure passwords, set up pins, don’t give out important information on email or social media, anti-virus software and firewalls to name a few” he said.

A more in depth explanation of the above mentioned topics can be found at IT SEC’s bi monthly cyber security awareness forums and regular IT security training’s. For more information email or call +97143697577.