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Two of the world’s most prominent cybercrime gangs have pledged not to target Healthcare organizations during the Coronavirus AKA COVID19 crisis.

The two groups operate the DoppelPaymer Ransomware and Maze Ransomware which both are classified as sophisticated and extremely brutal in form of not only encrypting the victim’s data on their PCs but also releasing the stolen information when victims refused to pay their ransom.

Speaking with Lawrence Abrams of Bleeping Computers, DoppelPaymer has indicated they do not have healthcare organizations such as hospitals or nursing homes on their target list and this approach will be kept during this global pandemic. And sorry Pharma, DoppelPaymer gang do not consider you part of the Healthcare family.

“We always try to avoid hospitals, nursing homes, if it’s some local gov – we always do not touch 911 (only occasionally is possible or due to missconfig in their network) . Not only now. If we do it by mistake – we’ll decrypt for free. But some companies usually try to represent themselves as something other: we have development company that tried to be small real estate, had another company that tried to be dog shelter ) So if this happens we’ll do double, triple check before releasing decrypt for free to such a things. But about pharma – they earns lot of extra on panic nowdays, we have no any wish to support them. While doctors do something, those guys earns.”

The DoppelPaymer has indicated they will provide encryptor to healthcare organizations if by chance their ransomware does end up on their network. Simply contact them on their email or Tor Page, provide proof and encryptor would be provided.

The Maze operators responded via a posted “Press Release” indicating they will stop all attacks of any kind against any medical or healthcare organizations until the end of the pandemic.

“We also stop all activity versus all kinds of medical organizations until the stabilization of the situation with virus.”

A response in regards to if a free decryptor would be offered in case of infection was not answered.

As the whole world is fighting against this virus and many have lost their lives, more than ever we must come together and assist in beating this vicious virus before any more lives are taken.

IT SEC is offering its Cybersecurity Services to all Healthcare Organizations Free of Charge if they are hit or under a cyberattack during this tragedy.
If you are a healthcare provider and a victim of a ransomware attack or any other cybercrime; please contact us at and we will do our best to assist in any way possible.

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