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Protect your organization proactively against cyber security threats and attacks by relying on our cyber security expertise and advanced managed services.

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Cyber security solutions that IT SEC offers ensure a long - term success for your organization as they are a product of a long experience in the security field, real - life scenarios and cases, continuous efforts to be up-to-date with latest security developments and a lot of work from our team which bring high expertise and value to each solution that IT SEC as security solutions provider offers.

IT SEC's security solutions are ideal for organizations which have no dedicated security staff or limited security expertise and cover the following areas:

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Penetration testing & Vulnerability Assessment

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DDoS and Ransomware testing

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Managed security service

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Cyber Security Advisory

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Security Awareness Program & Training

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Reputation Plus Services


Types of Services
We Provide

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Testing & Accessment

Security testing and assessment can prevent an organization from data breaches, vulnerabilities exploitation and cyber-attacks on critical infrastructure components. IT SEC has an outstanding experience providing qualitative security testing and assessment services through highly qualified cyber security specialists. Checking security of your infrastructure and assets under our expertise will provide you with the best testing resources to prevent your assets from attacks.

Ongoing information on the security holes of your infrastructure and critical assets.
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Identification of new vulnerabilities associated to IT environment changes within your organization.
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Recommendations on how to remediate the discovered vulnerabilities.
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Managed Security

The lack of security expertise, resources and staff, the unavailability of organizations to continuously manage and monitor security 24/7 and the need to extend security operations has turned these organizations to managed security service providers.

A managed security service incorporates outsourcing of systems’ security management and monitoring. Hiring IT SEC as your managed security service provider will bring you benefits such as:

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In-depth cyber security expertise, experience and knowledge.
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Security event monitoring and management 24/7.
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Proactive and reactive managed security.
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Security Awareness

Educating staff on cyber security importance and prioritizing the improvement of security awareness is important because if employees cannot recognize what a security threat is and its significance in business continuity then it cannot be expected that they to be able to avoid or report it. Security awareness training combines communication and education in order to instill good security practices. For a better understanding and experience during training, IT SEC provides different types of security awareness training:

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Classroom training led by cyber security specialists.
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Phishing / social engineering simulated attacks.
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Computer based / online security training.
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The world of cyber security is constantly evolving and so do the cyber threats and security breaches. A cyber security advisory service can help your organization to stay ahead of the latest threats by providing you with insights, advice and guidance that fit your organization. IT SEC’s cyber advisory service is based on a long successful experience in security landscape and expertise gained throughout years of serving as cyber advisors.

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Security risk assessment and risk management plan development.
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Validation of your organizational security policies, controls and procedures.
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Overall security posture and strategy improvement.
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