Dtec Forum
December 13, 2016 @ 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Did you know that Arthur C Clarke wrote about virtual reality immersive video games in 1956? Did Star Trek’s communicators act as inspiration for the design and creation of early cell phones? Who would have thought in 1865 when Jules Verne wrote about walking on the moon that one day this would actually happen?

Science Fiction has been instrumental in predicting and shaping technologies of the future. 100+ people joined us for the 25th Silicon Oasis Dtec Forum in which we explored some of the technological advances predicted and influenced by Science Fiction and how they are impacting development in the modern world. Children also had the opportunity to participate in this event with Sci-Fi short stories being read in the children’s reading corner.


INNOVATION THROUGH IMAGINATION: Dr Dhrupad Mathur: Associate Professor, IT Management, SP Jain School of Global Management
SCIENCE FICTION FOR HUMANITY: Noura Al Noman: Science Fiction Author, Ajwan Series
DUBAI: BUILDING THE CITY OF THE FUTURE: Gautem Ahuja, Project Manager, DigiRobotics
Panel Session: LIVING IN A VIRTUAL WORLD Moderator: Lara Matossian, SciFest Dubai
Panelists: Amir Kolahzadeh, IT Sec; Zohare Haider, Digital Street; Ramy El Hefni, Virtual Worlds; Day El Eid, Pixelbug

Hosted by by Lara Matossian, Founder of SciFest Dubai