As the leading and the pioneering cybersecurity company in the region since 2011, ITSEC is committed to the security and safety of all regional business and protection of all GCC Consumer Data. And to show its commitment, ITSEC is offering a full cybersecurity assessment for enterprises in the region to discover their security vulnerabilities and prevent future cyber-attacks, ransomware, and DDoS breaches.

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ITSEC is a leading Information Security, Application Security, Network & Data Security Assessment and Consultancy firm committed to providing the best cybersecurity practices to organizations worldwide. We provide professionals, small and medium businesses, large enterprises with the intelligence, technology, training, and human expertise they need to find trusted and reliable solutions to complex cybersecurity challenges.

As a global leader, and Middle East's top cybersecurity and UAE’s first cybersecurity company since 2011, ITSEC has served more 1500+ clients worldwide with their cybersecurity requirements.


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